Waxing vs Sugaring

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Waxing and Sugaring are two very similar processes. Both are hair removal methods that have been used by millions of women (and men) over centuries. Sugaring has been around for thousands of years in the middle east and asia.


Sugaring involves making a paste or gum from sugar, water, and lemon juice which is then applied to the hair to be removed. The sugaring ingredients and equipment are cheap, environmentally friendly and universally available which is an advantage for those looking for a homemade formula. Because of the similarities to regular waxing the sugaring method is often referred to as sugar waxing, although as indicated above it does not include wax.

Although the sugar wax adheres strongly to hair it does not adhere to the skin as strongly as normal wax. Women who have used both methods at the same time say that the sugaring method is much less painful. There is less problem with tender skin and soreness than waxing so it’s great for people with sensitive skin.

Any mess created by sugaring is very easily cleaned up with a cloth and warm water. Any excess can be stored for reuse or eaten! It is simply a type of sugar candy.


Waxing involves heating a wax compound which is then applied to the hair to be removed. The wax is usually purchased from a retail store and costs about twenty to thirty dollars. It can also be purchased as a kit with accessories and instructions.

The process of applying the wax and removing hair is the same as for sugaring. However wax tends to adhere to skin as well as hair making the hair removal process somewhat painful, while leaving red marks and bumps and tender skin.

Being a wax compound it is not as easily cleaned up as sugaring.

Both Methods

Both methods are designed to remove hair by the root so that when it grows back there will be less of it and it will be softer and less obvious. There is none of the cuts, nicks, coarse stubble or ingrown hair caused by shaving.

Waxing and sugaring can both be performed at home by an individual, or alternatively there are beauty stores who provide these services.


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